What we can: translate documents, register motor vehicles, replace Register Office records and driving licences, apply for duplicates and do help in starting your own company. Our passion is genealogy, we will help you to search for the records of your ancestors.

We care about the professional quality of translations, offering competitive prices. We cooperate with experienced translators only, thus securing high quality of our services. We offer normal and certified translations. We offer our services to both companies and individuals.

Full office services without the need for physical presence of the company in a given location. Virtual Office enables you to reduce the costs of renting an office and employing staff. We also offer accountancy services.

We offer comprehensive help in starting your both own limited liability company or self-employment. We fill all the forms necessary. We offer accounting services and an address required to register your business activity.

Change of name, recording a foreign record in Polish Register Office, acquisition of a duplicate document, replacement of your driving licence – all that requires you to fill many forms and prepare many translations of the required documents.

After finding your dream car there comes the time of the many formalities. We offer comprehensive registration services for both already registered cars, imported and historic ones. We translate documents, fill and submit applications with all relevant authorities and pass you the documents and registration plates.

Search for ancestors

We often think, that since our grandparents and great-grandparents are no longer among us, we have no other possibility to discover the history of our family. We could not be further from the truth – with just basic data of your ancestors you can discover really much. We are willing to help You discover your roots, to investigate the history of Your family and acquire documents from archives.


We cooperate with many Polish institutions. Among our business partners are both small businesses as well as powerful company.



Homeliness in the loft style in the heart of Lublin.



Web & Interactive Design. Branding & Strategy. Application Development.



Currency exchanger "Grand". Currency exchange in the shopping center "Olimp" in Lublin.

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