Business translation

Special business translation and interpretation packages are becoming more and more popular with our customers.
Every entrepreneur strives to present their company in the best possible way during talks with contractors, including foreign ones.

Business interpretation is a special type of interpretation, one that does not only require fluency in the respective language, but also the knowledge of the industry and specialist vocabulary. When looking for an interpreter who will support you during the negotiations, you should pay attention to his or her experience – it is well worth asking a few questions to verify the knowledge of specialist terms, to be 100% sure that the interpretation will be error-free and reliable.
Business translations and interpretations also include certified and normal translations. At VOAL, you can order translation of contracts, agreements, drafting bilingual contracts, apostille translation, translation of marketing texts and advertising materials.
We work with translators specializing in various industries. By hiring us to make a translation, you gain 100% certainty that it will go to a specialist in your field. If you need support at business meetings or translation of documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.