Limited liability company

Oferujemy Państwu pomoc przy zakładaniu spółki z o.o. i jej rejestracji. Wypełniamy i składamy za Państwa wszystkie potrzebne dokumenty, które są niezbędne do założenia sp z o.o.

Limited liability company (abbreviated as sp. z o.o. in Polish) – legal form of an enterprise established by one or more persons or partners. The company is responsible for liabilities towards creditors with its assets created from the shareholders’ contributions. The number of partners who own shares in the company may be any. The company can be established in a traditional application or electronically. Regardless of the chosen method, a court fee is required for registering a new company.
At VOAL, we offer assistance in setting up a limited liability company. Our services include, i.a. assistance in selecting the right PKD codes, filing the application form and submitting it in paper or electronic form.
What is important is that in order to submit an application via the Internet, members of the company’s Management Board are required to hold qualified signatures (we offer assistance with obtaining it for people who do not have one) or a trusted profile (epuap). Company registration by electronic means usually takes 24 hours to complete, registration of a company by submitting an application in a traditional paper form takes much longer.