Changing your name or surname, obtaining a PESEL number, replacing a driving license, losing a document, entering a Polish birth certificate or a marriage certificate in records, obtaining a duplicate of a document and many other matters are connected with a visit to an office.
Our service is aimed at people who want to avoid official queues.
Obtaining a PESEL number – PESEL, a eleven-digit identification number granted not only to Polish citizens, but also for foreigners living in Poland. We help foreigners obtain their PESEL numbers. We will translate documents, prepare an application and receive a PESEL number.  The PESEL number is commonly used in contacts with various institutions and in the legal circulation, it considerably simplifies the settlement of many official matters, it allows you to verify data and check the status of official matters.
Replacement of foreign documents – we offer a comprehensive replacement of foreign documents, e.g. driving licenses (if you are a foreigner living in Poland for a minimum of 185 days or you are a Polish citizen and returned after a long absence with a document issued in other country), or recording foreign registry office documents in Polish registers of births and marriages. Polish documents are necessary for people who have legalized their stay in Poland and want to apply for Polish citizenship. The service includes the translation of documents, completion and submission of the application, obtaining the required document.

Under the power of attorney granted to us, we will take care of all official matters for you. We know what and where to settle. For us it is just a moment and what you gain is time and confidence that your affairs are in the hands of professionals.

We also offer certified translation of documents when exchanging foreign documents.