Probably it did so happen, not just once, that the office hours in which you have to deal with some important matter coincide with your working hours, and getting a holiday is not possible or you simply don’t fancy wasting your holiday on queuing in offices. We understand it perfectly.
In order to meet the expectations of clients, we offer assistance in arranging all these official matters, for which the physical presence of the petitioner is not necessary. Under the power of attorney granted to us, we will deal with:
  • vehicle registration
  • obtaining duplicate documents
  • replacing your driving licence
  • entering a foreign birth, marriage or death certificate into Polish records
  • application for an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card)
  • establishment of a company, limited liability company or sole proprietorship
  • purchase and sale of shares
  • certification of documents
  • obtaining an apostille
and many other official matters. Call and make an appointment. You can not call – send us a text message – we will call you back.
Special services for foreigners:
  • acquiring a PESEL number
  • assistance with the legalization of stay (application for temporary residence permit based on work or running a business)
Services for companies employing foreigners
  • statement of employment (Job Centre)
  • Type A permit (Voivodeship Office)
  • Temporary residence permit (Voivodeship Office)

Help with vehicle registration includes:


  • vehicle registration
  • deregistration of the vehicle
  • re-registration
  • duplicates of documents and license plates
  • tow hitch, gas installation, and taxi annotations
  • receipt of the target document
  • change of data in the certificate
  • sales notification


  • VAT 25
  • PCC-3


  • excise duty


  • translation of documents - regular and certified