finding your ancestors

The chances of finding your ancestors seem to be lost forever, once your grand and great-grand parents pass away. At least that’s what many of us think. Meanwhile, having basic data about older generations in your family, you can learn a lot. Searching for ancestors is a time-consuming activity, which is why we will help you get to your roots, delve into family stories and acquire documents from archives.

Looking for ancestors nowadays is gaining more and more popularity. We often erroneously assume that if people from the oldest generation of our family are dead, we have burned all bridges on the path do discovery of valuable information. Albert Einstein, once said: “Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation.” Well, we can not recreate stories or anecdotes about your great-grandmother or uncle, or grandfather, who fought in the ranks of the Polish Army, but the archives and their resources still hide valuable information. We really often do not realize that this yellowed piece of paper, written in a language we do not understand, is so important and it is the key to the next door, and what awaits us, is a lot of information that will allow us to effectively search for ancestors.

Determining ancestors - an example

The easiest way to present you the issue is an actual example. A client, less than 30 years old, came to us. He had two cards with him: one was a picture of his great-grandfather (a few calligraphed sentences on the back), and another – an old piece of grandmother’s diploma. How to link these two? Where to look and where to start? Finding your ancestors is a task for us. The client returned to us after some time, receiving a whole portfolio of documents (from offices and archives), including the course of military service of his great-grandfather, his birth certificate, excerpt from the record book, documents regarding his property. The client learned that his great-grandfather was a beekeeper and received confirmation documents from us. With our help he found the grave of his grandmother’s sister and met distant relatives who strangely knew about his existence, but they had no idea what to do to meet him.

Family stories are different, some colorful and filled with joy others a little more gray and painful. However, regardless of what they are, they are worth learning about, finding out, who your relatives were, and who you really are. “Without ancestors, you are like a plucked plant, thrown to dry. When you feel their strength behind you, it’s as if you were growing in the forest with other trees. Some are old and are already falling, other young ones are just growing, but this is your forest… “

How to start working with us?

Call or write, tell us what you know. If you have old documents, show them – you do not even know how important they are in finding your ancestors.

We will help you find the documents, translate them and, together with you, recreate – step-by-step – your family tree.