Every day we participate in road traffic, drive a car to work, shopping, trips, etc. Moving around the city and beyond, we are responsible for the safety not only of ourselves and our vehicles, but also of other road users.
Every car owner carries the obligation to sign a compulsory third party insurance policy, referred to as TPI in short. TPI is a property insurance under which, in the event of damage to third parties caused by us, the insurer will cover the costs incurred by the injured party.

What do we need the TPI of our car for, and what are the penalties for not having one?

Holders of third party insurance are guaranteed that the insurance company will cover all costs of traffic accident caused by us. If we do not hold a valid insurance, we have to cover the costs of car repair and treatment the injured person from our own pocket.

In the event that we have forgotten to buy a new TPI, we face a fine which is imposed by the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG). It is worth bearing in mind that the amount of the fine increases every year.

That is why we offer you our services. We will prepare documents for third party motor insurance, we will select the TPI insurance offer that will be beneficial for you, and we will remind you about the forthcoming deadline for renewal (or signing a new contract), and the due date for the next TPI premium.

Documents required to insure the vehicle: