Every car owner has to take care of his/her car. One of the most important things you need to look after is the MOT test that is a procedure necessary to asses the roadworthiness of a vehicle. It should be remembered that driving without a valid MOT may result in a fine of 500 zlotys. A delay in carrying out the test of more than 30 days carries additional costs.
Driving a car without a valid MOT involves many problems in the event of a possible road collision.
When we cause an accident with a car without a valid MOT, the insurer may demand reimbursement from us. The insurance will pay the compensation, but we may be required to return the money paid out.

The frequency of periodic MOT tests depends on the type of car and its age.

MOT rules:

New car/motocycle

the first MOT test is performed before the first registration. Another test is carried out up to 3 years from the first registration. Subsequent one within 2 years from the one after 3 years, and later annually. After the above period it is essential to perform MOT tests on a regular basis.
within 2 years from the previous MOT test, and then annually.

Used car/motorcycle (over 3 years)

Car/motorbike imported from abroad

a MOT test should be carried out before the first registration of a used car in the country.
the test should be carried out annually from the first registration, and then every year after the previous MOT.

Car with a gas installation

Bearing in mind the above, we meet the expectations of our customers. You no longer have to remember the date of the next MOT inspection. We will do it for you. We will remind you about the upcoming MOT sending you an e-mail and text notification. Booking the date for MOT test is yet another of our additional services.

Contact us and make sure that your car and, above all, your safety land in responsible hands