Registering a vehicle does not sound like the best way to spend your free time? Or maybe the office hours coincide with your working hours and you are not able to complete all formalities yourself? Our company caters for your needs and offers comprehensive assistance in car registration. You can visit us in our office, which is located in the very centre of Lublin or invite us to collect all the necessary documents.
We are a professional company with experience in brokering official matters. We provide services in the field of comprehensive registration of imported, domestic and historic vehicles, both for individual customers and for companies. We will handle all the formalities required for the registration of the vehicle. By using our services you do not have to worry about filling out forms, translating documents and standing in long official queues.
  • The documents translated

  • Customs clearance

    We will submit the documents: AKC-U declaration, application to the head of tax office.
    We will calculate the excise duty
    We will pay the stamp duty and excise duty.

  • Matters in the transport department

    We will register, or re-register the vehicle
    We will collect license plates, temporary registration certificate (slip), vehicle card.
    We will notify you once the permanent registration certificate is ready for collection at the transport department.

Documents required for registration:

  • application for registration
  • proof of ownership, i.e. purchase and sale agreement, act of donation, exchange, life contract, valid court decision determining ownership
  • vehicle registration document together with the current MOT certificate
  • vehicle card if it has been issued
  • old number plates (if any)
  • ID card or other document confirming the identity of the owner (for inspection only)

Costs incurred in the Offices:

  • Transport department

    registration of the vehicle without exchanging plates -PLN 81 + PLN 17 (fee for the power of attorney) - stamp duty – opłata skarbowa
    registration of the vehicle with exchange of plates - PLN 180.50 + PLN 17 (fee for the power of attorney) - stamp duty- registration of imported vehicle - PLN 256 + PLN 17 (fee for the power of attorney) - stamp duty
    test plates PLN 61 + PLN 17 stamp duty

  • Customs office

    up to 2000ccm -3.1% of the market value of the vehicle od wartości rynkowej pojazdu
    over 2000ccm -18.6% of the market value of the vehicle

  • Vehicles registration service

    Comprehensive registration of a vehicle imported from abroad PLN 200 net
    Registration of vehicles purchased in the country PLN 100 net
    Filling in excise duty form PLN 40 net

We register vehicles since 2013.